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In 2022 Jo Cook and Jane Daly launched research into virtual and hybrid learning because although many articles were being published on these topics, rarely was the advice offered to learning professionals aligned with evidence-based best practice principles.

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Established Learning professionals will recognise that everyone from organisational leaders, managers, providers and academics offer them constant advice as to what they should consider and do next e.g. ‘everyone is a learning professional’. This can often feel overwhelming and because L&D is not always evidence-based, professionals are leading change in the dark. To support professionals, Jo and Jane wanted to create a trusted space for the community to share, debate, reflect and learn so they could be empowered to drive informed change.

The survey is one element of looking at virtual and hybrid learning from multiple perspectives and gives learning professionals and stakeholders responsible for learning the chance to reflect on the value, impact and challenges they are facing. Jo and Jane are consistently tracking relevant published research, articles, technological change etc. to keep up with what’s working and what’s not.

The more our community share, the more our insight grows. Our commitment to longitudinal research in the virtual and hybrid learning space will allow the learning profession to shift perceptions and potential. Every drop of data make our insight lake deeper and richer so think of taking the survey as not only giving you the space to pause but also giving the learning community critical insights that together allow us all to share a better future.

This is not just a survey, it’s a trusted space for learning professionals and key stakeholders involved in learning to pause, think and plan their next move, informed and empowered to dial up value and impact.

And another thing… all participants who take our survey will receive a unique impact assessment tool so they can personalise their requirements by taking a deeper dive into their needs.

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